Monday, August 28, 2017

The Blog is Back!

 Well Hello there!  Its been awhile!  The blog has taken a bit of a rest this past year and a half because really, our lives have been pretty normal.  I love keeping a blog so the kids will be able to grow up and be able to look back on their lives and know what little turkeys they were.  The reality of it is our lives have been kind of uneventful in the kid department.  When I first started the blog, it was to keep in touch with family that lived so far away while I was pregnant with Carter.  I would update it with weekly pictures of my belly and sneak some cute ones of Kenai in there every now and then.  Then after Carter was born, it became an excellent way to keep everyone updated on his health issues. It was a way for me to type out my feelings about his struggles and accomplishments.  It was also a way for me to give updates after doctors appointments and not have to call or text multiple different people all day long.  Which brings me to the reason behind starting up the blog again.  And this time its not about Carters health.  That little guy has been doing awesome besides having to have 8 teeth pulled in the OR last December.
Today's blog is about Kinley.  Sweet Kinley is about to start Kindergarten and could not be more excited.  This little girl is an absolute joy in our lives.  She is funny, smart, and will always tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not.  A few weeks ago, Tim and I noticed that she might have a slight curve to her spine.  Its something I try to keep an eye out for in our kids since I have scoliosis and I know it can be genetic.  So, I brought it up at her 5th year check up.  The doctor ordered an x-ray to see what was going on. As soon as I saw her x-ray pop up on the machine, I knew our suspicions had been correct.  Kinley actually has a 38 degree curve right now.  Which is pretty big for someone so tiny.  We have been referred to the Shriners hospital near by and are waiting to hear from them.  They will sit down and look at Kinleys chart before they call to set up an appointment.  This way they know if she needs an urgent appointment or if this can be put off for awhile.  I'm hoping they will call and say its no big deal and we can carry on with our lives as normal.  Unfortunately, that will more then likely not be the case.
So for now, we wait.  If you are the praying type, we would love for you to say a few extra prayers for Kinley.  And if you are not the praying type, now is a good time to start!  Both Carter and Kinley will be starting at a new school this year.  We decided to take the kids and put them in a school that was smaller and would hopefully be a better fit for their personalities.  I had a few reservations about making this change.  I can tell you know without a doubt I am so very thankful we went for it.  I know that at this new school if Kinley is struggling, the school will be there to support her.  If there are any kids that are mean to her, it will not be tolerated.  Kinley will thrive no matter what the situation.
I will update the blog when we have some answers.  Or when I just need an outlet to vent my feelings.  I have been taking this news pretty hard.  We have yet to tell Kinley about it simply because we don't really have any answers for her.  And at the tender age of 5, that is hard to comprehend.
Our motto right now: Bent not Broken            

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 Years

Dear Kinley,
Today was the big 4!  I can't believe you have been blessing our family for 4 years already.  I call you the mama bear right now because you love to keep everyone in line.  You want to make sure everyone is doing as they are told.  You love to carry around your dolls and dress them up and rock them to sleep.  If I ask you to get Addison dressed, you are right on it!  Within a few minutes I will hear Addison screaming at the top of her lungs, but you will continue trying to shove her wiggly body into her clothes.
This year in preschool Ms.Wendy would call you the teachers helper because you were always wanting to help out your friends with the answers.  You have been begging me for months now to do gymnastics, so about 6 weeks ago I enrolled you into your first class.  And, it has been so wonderful to see you progress. Your teacher has commented on how buff you are and how well you are catching on for just starting.  I too am so impressed.  Your little body is pure muscle.  You say when you grow up you want to be a gymnastics girl.  If you are not eating your veggies on your plate, we just have to tell you that it will make you strong like a gymnast, and you will gobble it down.
For your cake this year you requested a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, and a pink princess on top. You also added that you didn't want it to spin like Elias' cake because you wanted me to be able to make it!  I tried my best to pull off just what you wanted.  When people asked you what you wanted as a present, you would tell them you wanted a water gun so you could squirt Carter!
We love you so very very much Kinley Grace.  You always keep us on our toes and fill our hearts with so much joy.  I hope this year is full of many new adventures for you.  I can't wait to see what this life has in store for you!
Love Forever, Mommy

Monday, January 11, 2016


Carter has such a kind heart. I got to take him on a date to Target the other day to spend a gift card and some birthday money. We spent a good hour walking the toy aisle without finding anything he was dying to have. He then went over to the area that has all the Seahawks jerseys. There was a dress there that was so adorable. It was a baby dress that looked like a cheerleader. Carter insisted in buying it for Addison. He wanted to spend all his money on something for his sister. I just could not let him do it. We talked about how kind that was, but I also explained to him this money was to buy a special treat just for himself. Well, he ended up crying right there in Target because I refused to let him spend his money on his sister. Oh gosh, I felt so bad, but I really wanted him to get something for himself. Poor Carter. He has such a heart for his sisters. It makes me so proud to be his Mommy. 
And, he did end up picking out something for himself. And, he loves it. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

7 Years Old

Dear Carter, 
Today you turned 7 years old.  Is that even possible?  I feel as if it was just yesterday I was holding my fragile, sick baby boy for the first time.  I wish I would have been able to see into the future on that day you were born.  I would have neve dreamed the amount of energy you have today!!  You are constantly using the couch as a gymnastic mat, flipping off it, and jumping in the air.  I find you standing on your head more then your feet.  
In school, you are excelling at reading, spelling and math.  You are reading close to a third grade level and you have yet to miss a word on your spelling test all year!  Mrs. Hamy is teaching you Spanish and you bust out random Spanish words all day long.  At your holiday programs, you belted out your lines like a pro.  I have to admit, I got a tad teary eyed listening to you say your lines in a room full of 300+ people.  We used to worry you might not even be able to speak, so standing up there partaking in a play was beyond anything I dreamed of after you were first born.
You are excited to get back into soccer this spring.  I loved watching you run around on the field scoring goals and high fiving your tream mates.  
One of the things I love most about you Carter is your deep love for your family.  The first thing you want to do when you get home from school is get Addison up from her nap.  You love to play with your sisters, and even love to get them into trouble some times.  
I love you Carter Joseph.  You are an amazing little boy, and I thank God every day for the light you bring into our lives.  Have a wonderful 7th year Carter! 
Love Forever, Mommy

Monday, September 14, 2015

First Birthday

Dear Addison,
     Today you turned ONE year old!  Oh sweet baby, you are growing up so fast.  I can't even begin to tell you just how much joy and happiness you bring to our family.  
     You are such a happy and smiley baby.  From the moment I scoop you up out of bed in the morning, to the time I put you down at night, you are smiling at me with those big blue (maybe green) eyes.  Your hair is lighter then when you were born, and has some red highlights in it.  You are starting to power walk, and are getting ready to run.  You love it when Carter and Kinley chase you.  Oh boy can you move fast while squealing.  
     Right now you can say Mama and Dada.  Much of the day you walk around saying "Ma" which makes me laugh because it sounds so grown up coming out of such a tiny person.  You have become very courious these past few weeks, and I can usually find you getting into some cabinet or bag.  One of your favorite things to do is to pick up everything possible and to throw it in the tub.  It makes me laugh when I go to start my shower and I have to empty toys, magazines, clothes, and blankets out first.  You also like to throw stuff in there when I am showering, which is not so funny, especially when it is my clean clothes to put on! 
     Life with you is amazing Addison.  You are such a blessing, and I think God every day for placing such a sweet, tender hearted little one in our family.  Happy Birthday baby girl.  I love you forever!  XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Kinley has decided that she would like to learn to play the violin. So we had her first lesson yesterday. I really need meme here to help guide me, but I shall see how it goes!  
This picture of Kinley reminds me so much of myself when I was little. Gosh, she is cute!

10 Months

How is it that my baby is just two months away from being a year old?  I can't even stand how stinkin cute little Addison is.  She really is our perfect little blessing to our family. She took 3 steps yesterday, and is well on her way to keep up with big brother and sister. She also has spoken her first word!!!!!  And it was... MAMA!!!!!!  That's my girl!!!